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Ad / Paid Acquisition Specialist

Tangoo - Vancouver & Toronto


About You:

Your Situation:

You’re either a couple years into your professional marketing career or you’re fairly seasoned (3-5 years+) in Facebook and Google Advertising. You’re currently contracting and like to try before you buy, that is, you’re looking to join a dynamic team one day but you want to feel them out first by working on some kickass projects.

You want to work on a team where you’re not the most knowledgeable digital marketer and you can lean on others to help you solve complex problems while you reciprocate and share your knowledge. You like to travel and work on your schedule so having a team to hold down the fort while you unplug is important for you.

Your Attitude & Your Approach To Work:

You love the intersection of art and science within performance advertising and are always looking to combine the best copy and media content with the ideal audience. You are resourceful and understand that it’s on you to make things happen and ask for help when you need it.

You’re candid, can take criticism well, and always see the glass half full. You are unusually curious; you love to ask why. You’re never satisfied with the status quo. You love to learn, and you are obsessed with understanding customers and their digital needs.


As a Paid Acquisition Digital Marketing Specialist, you focus both on executing paid advertising campaigns and interfacing directly with the client and/or a Tangoo account manager to communicate your strategy, field feedback, and new campaigns you believe drive more value. You are comfortable handling the entire process with the client and are proactive to seek help from the Tangoo team for more sophisticated skills like Photo/Video, SEO, Influencer Marketing, and other more specialized and complementary skills.

  • Drive client sales and marketing through paid media (Facebook ads and Google ads primarily)

  • Increase our overall sales, by strategizing and executing re-targeting and new customer acquisition campaigns

  • Develop a sales funnel and manage audience groups

  • Identify strengths and weaknesses of each client and develop strategies to scale the campaigns

  • Comfortable operating as the main point of contact for any and all matters specific to your customers

  • Implementing feedback from customers, data reports, and teammates quickly and effectively to ensure customer satisfaction and best-in-class content quality

  • Collaborate with intelligent, inspiring colleagues to continually improve the team and individual performance

  • Any other responsibilities as may arise in the context of a fast-moving agency

Results you’ll be expected to drive:

  • Increased Conversion Rates for all clients on a quarterly basis

  • Decrease CPA for all clients on a quarterly basis

  • Deliverables are consistently on time, high quality, and aligned to the clients goals.

Capabilities & Experience:

  • Capacity to work at least part-time hours (10-20+ hours a week) with a goal to go full-time later in 2019

  • 2-3 years experience in digital marketing with a focus on performance-based marketing (preferably digital media, acquisition or eCommerce).

  • Experience building paid ad campaigns in a range of advertising platforms (including Facebook Ads Manager and Google AdWords); with a proven track record of optimizing campaigns to improve performance and CPA results.

  • Proven success in driving acquisitions, or have executed campaigns with closed-loop measurement — tying success to sales or ROAS

  • Experience with crafting smart ad copy, and familiarity with conversion rate optimization methodologies for landing pages

  • A solid understanding of organic/paid social, display, search, mobile, affiliate and influencer marketing.

  • Effectively communicate strategy and results to clients in reports and meetings, not just keywords, copy, and placements, but also creative and landing page strategy.

  • Manage key client relationships and proactively seek account growth opportunities

  • Coaching and mentoring clients on paid search strategy and best practices

  • Assist Account Managers with preparation of campaign reports and presentations

  • Experience using content calendars, CRM’s, Google Slides (for reports), Slack/Whatsapp, Asana (project management), Zoom, and other strategy and tech tools that ensure we’re always on our A-game between ourselves and clients.

Soft Skills and Attitude

  • Enthusiastic for local businesses and a strong fit with Tangoo’s values of helping others thrive around you

  • Knowing how to lead meetings, keep things personable and fun with clients, and do most of the thinking for clients when it comes to carving out the next steps

  • Deadline-driven, detail-oriented, and conscientious

  • Capable of supreme time management and does not get distracted with other tasks

  • A remarkable degree of creativity and intellectual agility

  • Familiarity with and interest in online communication channels: social media, customer review websites, email marketing, and the next medium on the horizon

  • Personal ambition -- you embrace challenges, you’re energized by more, more, more, and you’re inspired by learning and growing. Personal growth is important for you

  • Passion for working in a fast-paced, high-growth start-up environment


  • Want to explore unique measurement capabilities on other social platforms such as YouTube and Pinterest

  • Experience with SEO, Social Media Management, and Influencer Marketing

  • Have experience with email automation via HubSpot and similar platforms

Compensation & Perks:

  • Competitive contractor rates ($35-$55/hour) based on experience

  • Flexible hours and ability to work remotely or in the central Toronto & Vancouver offices (all dog-friendly)

  • Free access to dining and professional events around Toronto & Vancouver

  • Office space on Main Street and free subscriptions to digital marketing resources and online courses valued at $10,000+


Paul Davidescu - CEO