When in Rome: The Launch of Stretch Pizza

Hands up – who loves pizza? Uh… everyone at Tangoo raises theirs.

One bright, beautiful day, our CEO Paul walked in and shared the big news. We just landed a new client! It doesn’t always go this way for us. With our company, sometimes we talk with a client for months before we sign them – and sometimes it’s a totalsurprise. In this case, no one knew what this would be. It wasn’t just any pizza, either – this was an al-taglio, Roman-style, formed into a long rectangular shape. The novelty factor got us dreaming of all the cool things we could do with this product.

It just so happened that someone heard of us and reached out a few weeks before their launch. The concept was smoking hot – with illustrations of stretches in all shapes and sizes, this was a playful brand that loved to toy with the name. The designs looked like a European cartoon. Not only that, but this pizza had a novelty factor of being al taglio – by the cut. It was a dream project.

When it comes to running accounts, we usually find one main manager to run the account. We’ve started pairing them with a content creator and project manager to keep things moving along, now that things have gotten busier (we used to be a smaller team). In this case, we were asked to launch not only the social media content, but the store itself, with a media party. Our marketing director, Sonya, was assigned to the client and things got into swing!

We organized an hour of power for the first two days of opening, giving out free pizza to anyone who showed a social post at the till. The buzz started to grow. Next, we threw the launch party. With a day of shopping for supplies with Yury, the father of the franchisees, we had the store looking spiffy and a collection of gifts for all our guests. We served Italian soda cocktails and debuted the dessert pizza – a delightful mix of strawberry, blackberry, blueberries, mascarpone cream, finished with mint and nutella.

Our guest list had the place filled to the brim – the room was crackling with excitement as the owners and staff saw the wide eyes of eager visitors. Alex, Stretch CEO, welcomed everyone for the night and shared the story behind the venture. His passion for Roman pizza and the talented chefs and designers working together was strong. “One dream, one team.” All we were missing was their partners out in Calgary and New York – we raised a little Pellegrino in their honour.

The influencers and media were extremely supportive. They talked about the look and style of the pizza, and told us about the parties and barbeques they wanted to bring this to. It was hard not to get ahead of ourselves thinking of all the outdoor events we could throw with them. Overall, the launch brought in 32, 000 impressions on Instagram – not including all the stories and Snapchat shoutouts. It was our first launch for a new business, and obviously there were some nerves – but everyone pushed hard, from Alberto the manager serving cocktails to the driver, Anton, help us wrap gifts. It was truly a team effort. In the end, the night ran smooth as butter.

The guys told us they wanted to use some old school techniques to get the hype going, so we packed the cars full of pizza and handed out slices all over downtown. We also wanted our friends at different businesses to have a taste, so we dropped off some deliveries too. With support from our friends at Daily Hive, things are heating up with Stretch and we’re loving it! Check out some photos below.

Read more about Stretch on their website.  We’re looking for business partners to offer free deliveries to – if you think your office will enjoy a sample, drop us a line at sonya@tangoo.ca. We’re pushing through June with hookups so jump on it!

Thanks again to the guys at Stretch for taking a chance with us – benvenuto to the neighbourhood! Gastown is lucky to have you.

Check out this video for the highlights from the launch!