5 Life Hacks From The Socialight Conference 2016

The Socialight Conference 2016 storm hit Vancouver this past weekend and now that the dust is slowly settling, here are the golden nuggets I was able to extract. Every speaker had something valuable one could take away with them but for the purpose of this article, I chose the ones that most contributed to the ever-important concept of self-awareness and personal development.

Skill #1: Be Kind Every Day. Reap Its Benefits. Finally, Wear It With Pride!

Photo Credit: One Kindness Challenge

Photo Credit: One Kindness Challenge

Socialight Speaker: John Wang from onekindness.org – “do 21 days of kindness and watch your life change.”

John spoke about how kindness scientifically increases happiness, better cardiovascular health, and even makes you more attractive!

While we have not actually completed the program (on Day 4!) so we cannot comment on to what degree your life will change however, what we most loved was the simplicity of their wristband concept. It’s double-sided (black and yellow) band that starts at black in the morning and when you commit a random act of kindness, you flip it to yellow. With the digital and busy madness we all face daily, we all need reminders to be kind and something physical like this is a great way to do it!

Skill #2: Be Busy In A Good Way. Don’t Multi-Task And Be Aware Of How To Manage Brain Power.

Photo Credit: Graham Young Strategies
Socialight Speaker: Graham Young from GY Strategies – “optimize brain performance and how to be optimally busy.”

The “psychology of busy” is what Graham hones in on solving. He talks about how do you be busy in a way that doesn’t stress you, make you forget things, drain your brain energy, and emotionally lash out at others (or yourself?). While you’ll need to hear Graham speak at your office or catch one of his workshops to get the full story, what stuck with me were a couple points. Switching from activity to activity drains brain energy (learn more about context switching) and if you don’t take 5 minutes to relax between successive tasks, you retain a lot less information.

Graham breaks it all down to a simple daily routine that anyone can draw inspiration from and start to incorporate in a way which works for them. These soft skills don’t get enough attention in today’s business world and they are critically important.

Skill #3: Have An Amazing Morning Routine That Honestly, Is Not Hard To Do

Photo Credit: LifeHacker.com

Photo Credit: LifeHacker.com

Socialight Speaker: Hal Elrod from The Miracle Morning – “Simple ways to guarantee a life change before 8AM”

Hal Elrod has had no shortage of setbacks in his life (including his recent diagnosis of a 95% curable cancer) which he has turned into opportunities to improve. He Skyped in right from his hospital bed in very high spirits which was inspiring to witness and it made me very curious about what his morning routine was…

Morning routines are something I take very seriously and through the inspiration of many different people, I have pieced together something super awesome that works for me. The Miracle Morning happens to have made a book about it! This is something I should have either thought about writing myself or, been fortunate enough to read the book before having to hack out my own system. Regardless, I am happy it’s out in the world! It follows the S.A.V.E.R.S framework which stands for silence, affirmations, visualization, exercise, and scribing.

Skill #4: Always Be Reading. Especially, When You Can Now Afford To Read A Whole Book While You Wait For The Bus!

Photo Credit: readitfor.me

Photo Credit: readitfor.me

Socialight Speaker: Steven Cunningham from Readitfor.me – “Read or listen to amazing book summaries in 12 minutes of video”

This service is brilliant because it lets you capitalize on the “in-between” moments in life that you usually fill by surfing the web or worrying about something unnecessarily. What if you could read a book in that amount of time? Big CEO’s like Tony Hsieh from Zappos seem to think this is a good idea for his staff to adopt.

Now yes there are other similar services but what most stood out for me was their social aspect which gifts free subscriptions to young entrepreneurs who most need it! While their specialty is supplementing this with a video, you can consume in audio or text as well – they even have discussion questions for your team to share perspectives with! Steven had a really authentic and blunt presentation about how baking social entrepreneurship into your business model can actually increase revenue, not just make you feel warm inside. This scored him big points in my books as well.

Skill #5: Find The Perfect Intersection Of Money, Flow, And, Joy.

Photo Credit: chrisguillebeau.com

Photo Credit: chrisguillebeau.com

Socialight Speaker: Chris Guillebeau: Born For This Book “Win The Career Lottery By Find The Work You Were Meant To Do”

“This book was created from the culmination of years of research on people who’ve found or created their “dream job.” From the outside, it looks like these people have been lucky. But in reality, they’ve followed a process of trial-and-error to get exactly what they want.” Doesn’t that make you curious? What I most thought was beautifully explained were the three criteria that need to be harmonious.

Money sustains you. Flow is what you do so well, it doesn’t feel like work. Joy is when you love what you do. Is what you are doing today in the sweet spot? Chris is a super humble and genuine guy and was pretty amazing at sustaining the audience’s attention despite him being the final act that went on far past dinner time almost 20 speakers later!

Likely, the above are not new concepts for you. However, what causes the gap between knowledge and action is how information is packaged and delivered. Whether it be a kindness wristband, an acronym or a Venn diagram, when something is simplified like this with a healthy dose of inspirational…people take action. I hope this threads the needle with you.

PS: I’ve kind of been getting the hang of this Instagram Stories thing, see a 2 min recap of the event below.