Tangoo Talks Restaurant Marketing Panel Series

Tangoo Talks are from the restaurant and food marketing community, for the same community as we line up a panel of all-star restaurant owners and food marketers to speak about how they leverage marketing to solve their problems and connect with today's digitally connected customer.

Hear stories of success and failures from Vancouver's greatest restaurateurs and food/beverage professionals. 

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Help Make A Difference By Joining Chewing For Charity

Chewing for Charity is a series about combining food and community good. Select restaurants craft unique and appealing dishes that attract the modern tech-savy diner and have portions of each dish sold be donated to a charitable cause.

Are you a restaurant owner who value community good and are looking to give back in a creative way? 

Be Part Of Noms Magazine

Noms Magazine is a visual food and restaurant magazine for the modern diner. To capture the attention social media and visual-first generation, Noms Magazine uses short-form media and videos to connect restaurants and hungry diners like never seen before.

Are you an outstanding Chef or Restaurateur? Or do you have a unique dish that people need to know about? Each volume features a restaurant, dish, and interviews with Vancouver's food innovators.

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Become A Community Partner

Friends helping friends. Our specialized network in the hospitality, media, and technology partners help each other grow Vancouver's food and hospitality space by providing guidance and special rates.  

Got A Question About Our Community Programs?