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Food Community Shines in Comox Valley

There is no closer knit community amongst restaurants and producers than in Comox Valley. For this year’s 11th annual BC Shellfish & Seafood Festival, we had a chance to sit down with Locals Restaurant co-owner and chef, Ronald St. Pierre. 


Recap: 2017’s BC Shellfish and Seafood Fest

Whether or not you had a chance to visit Western Canada’s largest seafood festival this past week, here's a quick refresher on all the shuck-tastic sights, sounds and smells emanating from the Comox Valley for the wrap-up weekend of June 17th-18th.


BC Shellfish & Seafood Festival Interview: Locals Restaurant

For this year’s 11th annual BC Shellfish & Seafood Festival, we had a chance to sit down with Locals Restaurant co-owner and chef, Ronald St. Pierre. We sat down with him to talk about the Shellfish Festival, the natural abundance of Comox, and how he created a business that lets him stay true to his values.


When in Rome: The Launch of Stretch Pizza

One bright, beautiful day, our CEO Paul walked in and shared the big news. We just landed a new client and the novelty factor of their pizzas got us dreaming of all the cool things we could do with this product.


Tangoo Talks, Episode Two: Digital Branding

For this edition, we decided to focus more deeply on digital marketing. After overwhelming feedback from our guests, we decided to take our next Tangoo Talk to a stronger focus on digital marketing. We looked for the businesses we looked to for inspiration


Tangoo Talks, Episode One: Recap

Hello there friends. We’re here bring you something very long overdue – a recap of our very first Tangoo Talks recap.

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Interview Series: Alex Wan, Founder of Chopstick Fest

We live in Vancouver, a city with rich roots in Chinese history. Yet many of us have only experienced a sliver of what Chinese culture has to offer. In an effort to bring the flavours and culture of China to more locals, Chopstick Fest was born.


Bubble Tea Innovation, Instagram Viral Sensation: The Duo-Cup

The first local Instagram viral sensation of 2017 swept Vancouver just the other week as a couple local Instagram influencers had their photos liked by thousands of people across the globe. As a food business, it’s important to learn about why this happened and how you can position future promotions and social media campaigns to position yourself as the next viral hit.


5 Life Hacks From The Socialight Conference 2016

The Socialight Conference 2016 storm hit Vancouver this past weekend and now that the dust is slowly settling, here are the golden nuggets I was able to extract. Every speaker had something valuable one could take away with them but for the purpose of this article, I chose the ones that most contributed to the ever-important concept of self-awareness and personal development.


Golden Owl Awards – Uniting Hospitality’s Finest

For us, searching for a place to have a good time is the reason our company came to be. Today, new groups are forming to celebrate the spaces that delight us day after day with drinks, food, music, dance, events, and of course – their personalities. One of those groups came together to create an awards ceremony unlike any other.


What’s Wrong with Traditional Tastings?

We’ve done our research, and there’s a pattern on how tastings are run and why it’s a broken cycle. After countless hours of interviews with restaurateurs and influencers, we’ve mapped a pattern.

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Restaurant Tastings: What Are They, Why Are They?

f you’ve been following our journey on Instagram, you may have noticed a series of tastings we’ve put together online. What, you may ask, is a tasting, and why is Instagram the best home to share them?