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Project Manager & Marketing Specialist

Tangoo - Vancouver, BC


About Us:

Tangoo was founded in 2012 with the mission to drive more memorable connections that ignite game changing conversations. We do this by working with 200+ experiential businesses focused in the following industries:

  • Restaurants & Hotels

  • Food & CPG Brands

  • Agriculture Companies

  • E-Commerce & Tech

The way we approach creative and performance marketing is through the following key areas:

  • Social PR & Branding: Social Media & Influencer PR Campaigns

  • Lead Generation: Digital Ad Performance, SEO, Blogging, and Website Optimization

  • Customer Loyalty: Newsletter Marketing & WiFi Marketing

  • Content Creation: Video and Photography that blows clients away!

Our experiences on Dragons’ Den and around the Vancouver community has attracted investment from Vikram Vij (Celebrity Chef), Daily Hive, and other local media companies. We partner with some of the most creative influencers and agencies in Canada and Los Angeles - when you join Tangoo, these people become one phone call away. We also spin out our own sub-brands such as our Cannabis marketing brand and our food culture publication, Noms Magazine.


About You:

Your Situation:

You’re either a recent graduate, doing your victory lap in college (taking 1-2 classes), or a couple years into your professional career. Regardless of your path, you’re sick of being a student or being in your 9-5 commitment where your team relies solely on you to make magic happen in the marketing department without backing up their wishes with mentorship and resources. You want to work on a team where you’re not the most knowledgeable digital marketer and you can lean on others to help you solve complex problems while you reciprocate and share your knowledge.

Your Attitude:

You are a hustle-ready, social/creative digital evangelist with professional experience in building and engaging online communities - your success as a social media force didn’t happen out of nowhere. You’re candid, can take criticism well, and always see the glass half full.

Your Approach To Work

You have command of best practices and trends in social media, and are well-informed and versed in foodie, hospitality, and Instagram culture. You’re an excellent communicator and creative thinker, are passionate about food, travel, entrepreneurship and photography, and have an ability to use both data and intuition to inform decisions.



As an Project Manager and Marketing Specialist, you focus both on executing creative content and interfacing directly with the client to communicate your strategy, field feedback, and sell them on new campaigns and products you believe drive more value. You are comfortable handling the entire process with the client and are proactive to seek help from the Tangoo team for more sophisticated skills like Photo/Video, SEO, Influencer Marketing, and other more specialized skills.

Operating as the main point of contact for any and all matters specific to your customers

● Building and maintaining a strong relationship with your customers

● Persuading clients to try new products and services within Tangoo that you think can be a fit

● Timely delivery of agreed services for all your customers

● Implementing feedback from customers, data reports, and teammates quickly and effectively to ensure customer satisfaction and best-in-class content quality

● Publish content for our portfolio of clients through social media management, particularly Instagram followed by Facebook and Twitter

● Craft up monthly content calendars and social media campaigns that help clients grab customers - here is one what Daily Hive went crazy with!

● Manage your client’s online reputation by responding to inquiries and comments through their social media channels. Be social and inquisitive to find out more about their customers!

● Launching promotions and campaigns for your client by leveraging email campaigns and collaborating with influencers

● Grow and foster an online community for our customers by proactively engaging with their target audience

● Collaborate with intelligent, inspiring colleagues to continually improve team and individual performance

● Any other responsibilities as may arise in the context of a fast-moving agency


Capabilities & Experience:

Capacity to work at least part-time hours (20+ hours) with a preference to full-time

● Comfortable at being empathetic to client needs, easing their concerns, and confidently suggesting the best steps based off your best judgement

● Experience working with clients who need to be educated (especially Gen X and Baby Boomers) and knowing how to challenge them and thrive off them challenging you!

● A clear passion and industry experience for getting in the trenches with exciting brands and using your love for online storytelling, results-driven marketing, food & bev, hospitality, culture, travel, and lifestyle products to make a true impact in the business of our growing portfolio.

● Extremely active on Instagram and other channels with an engaged and growing audience.

● Experience having managed other paid professional client social media accounts

● Experience managing Hootsuite, Latergram, and other social media management platforms.

● Outstanding communication skills and excellent writing ability.  

● Experience using content calendars, strategy documents, CRM’s, Google Slides (for reports), Slack/Whatsapp, Asana (project management), Google Hangouts/Meet, and other strategy and tech tools that ensure we’re always on our A-game between ourselves and clients.


Soft Skills and Attitude

Enthusiastic for local businesses and a strong fit with Tangoo’s values of helping others thrive around you

● Knowing how to lead meetings, keep things personable and fun with clients, and do most of the thinking for clients when it comes to carving out next steps

● Deadline-driven, detail-oriented, and conscientious

● Capable of supreme time management and does not get distracted with other tasks

● A remarkable degree of creativity and intellectual agility

● A familiarity with and interest in online communication channels: social media, customer review websites, email marketing, and the next medium on the horizon

● Personal ambition -- you embrace challenges, you’re energized by more, more, more, and you’re inspired by learning and growing. Personal growth is important for you

● Passion for working in a fast-paced, high-growth start-up environment



Have worked in the hospitality and/or the media and event industries

● Experience with SEO, Social Media Advertising, and PR

● Exceptional at taking photos, doing basic design, and capable of taking video

● Like to dine out often and attend various events

● A reader of marketing and food publications such as AdWeek, Later.com, Daily Hive, Scout Magazine, Inside Vancouver, Food Insider, Vanfoodster, Todiefor.com, Buzzfeed, and…(got one you’d recommend to us?)

● Have some journalistic experience contributing to a local publication or writing in your own blog


Compensation & Perks:

$20-22+/hour depending on experience and commitment levels

● Flexible hours

● Free access to dining and professional events around Vancouver

● Office space at Robson Square’s new innovation centre and free subscriptions to digital marketing resources and online courses valued at $10,000+

● A group Mobi bike subscription!



Paul Davidescu - CEO