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Small, fresh, all made from scratch… just like Nona used to make. In Italy, the streets have an endless abundance of small holes in the wall to find handmade pasta that smells like heaven on earth, and it’s affordable. But in Vancouver? Save for a few corners of town, the search is barren. Enter Raviolino. Located in Kitsilano, this little kitchen packs a punch.

The Challenge

Without a flashy storefront and a simple, honest interior design, people didn’t know the quality and flavour they were passing every day. The team was looking for an affordable solution to show off their salivating assortments of pasta in what is a health conscious Kitsilano clientele.
Lastly, the previous owner’s carelessness didn’t help their reputation as they decided they wanted to keep the same name and brand to stay true to the original roots of being a place to pick up your pasta before going home from work.

P.S. Did we mention they didn’t have an Instagram account before Tangoo stepped in? Challenge accepted! 

Why They Chose Tangoo

Mike and the Raviolino team liked that some of Tangoo’s staff frequented the restaurant as friendly pasta admirers before they got passionate to tell their story online. They were appreciative that Tangoo had a solution for their modest budget and were up to the challenge of rolling up its sleeves to market and break out an undiscovered product in Kitsilano.

The Solution

Tangoo used humour, professional food photos, slick stop motion video, and a miniature satire of the current war on gluten to make the Instagram feed customers were proud of. Building their online brand from scratch was important to reflect online as honest, simple, unfussy, and show the quality of the pasta. By showing off the process behind the magic of making pasta, they quickly became the fastest growing Instagram account in Kitsilano!  


Tangoo leveraged Instagram to create a snowball of media attention and customer engagement through clever social media campaigns.
— Billy Joe