Tangoo Talks are from the restaurant and food marketing community, for the same community as we line up a panel of all-star restaurant owners and food marketers to speak about how they leverage marketing to solve their problems and connect with today's digitally connected customer.

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Tangoo Talks Ep. 6: Food & Restaurant Marketing To The Modern Diner

In Episode 6 we looked at the present and the future: what is happening to the industry today, the digitally-savvy diners, what trends are starting to emerge, war stories and much more.

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Tangoo Episode 5: Looking ahead to 2018 Restaurant Marketing

We had our panelists reflect on their 2017 activities and make predictions on where restaurant marketing was going in 2018.

Hear where you should best allocate your budget and creative efforts for 2018.


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Tangoo Talks Episode 4: Restaurant Marketing in the Fall & Winter

We revisit what marketing channels are delivering the highest value and how they can be pointed towards initiatives that are meant for the Fall and Winter.


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Tangoo Talks Episode 3: Scaling Your Restaurant Marketing

Getting branding and marketing in line is one thing. Scaling that across multiple locations, while maintaining a consistent brand voice across all platforms and touch points, is another.

In Episode 3, we dived in on how to properly scale your marketing efforts. 


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Tangoo Talks Episode 2: Crafting a Digital Brand

Everyone in media knows that being newsworthy means finding an edge, a relevance, a story. With the growth of digital avenues, food businesses are embracing the online space like never before.

But it's easy to become overwhelmed with the possibilities. Influencers, magazines, print, advertising, review sites – how does a business make the right moves in such a fast-changing digital landscape?

In Episode 2, we chat about the makings of a great digital marketing strategy, from inside and out.


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Tangoo Talks Episode 1: Building A Story In The Food & Digital Spaces

Social media and digital space has allowed restaurants to reach audiences they never would’ve found before. Location no longer defines a business’ success - their story does.

In Episode 1, we get intimate on the trials and tribulations of launching a food brand in the 604. 


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