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Represent Your Brand And Drive The Right People To Your Business

Tangoo’s community-driven marketing services focus on connecting you to your online community of customers, local partners, and media advocates. We grow your online brand and bottom line through social media strategies, influencer marketing, and reputation management. 


Olive & Anchor Gains New Customers From Social Media and PR

Tangoo designed a strategy that incorporated a top-notch gallery of their incredible menu and used local events to build their community. This attracted food bloggers from around Vancouver and provided a drastic increase in their followers and online buzz.

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Founded in 2012, Tangoo was created to help customers and restaurants connect through an experience – after all, it takes two to tango

Tangoo has a network of 225 clients ranging from restaurant and bar groups to independent cafe’s and other food and beverage establishments. Results delivered are features in niche media publications, double digit revenue growth %, and significant changes in brand and digital strategies.


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