About Tangoo

Founded in 2012, Tangoo was created to help customers and restaurants connect through an experience – after all, it takes two to tango.


Tangoo helps restaurants and food & beverage businesses attract and influence the technology savvy generation. As a Digital Marketing PR outlet and Advertising agency, Tangoo drives new customers through integrating social media strategies with technology solutions that cover the 360 degree online buyer journey.

Tangoo drives results for 225+ clients such as features in major and niche media publications - like its own, Noms Magazine, - sustained growth in social media performance, and double digit revenue growth %.  



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Our Mission

We believe the digital era can help restaurateurs thrive like never before.

Big businesses have embraced digital avenues to make explosive brands and connect with their followers and communities. Busy operations and tight margins in the food industry make owners reluctant to pursue digital marketing, but their space is as competitive as can be. Tools and trends evolve quickly, and it takes expertise to stay on top of it all. 

As food lovers, we want this industry to thrive and we know the investment is well worth it. Our goal is to be your own marketing department – we get you, and we don’t break the bank.


Our Team

With a team like this one, you’re in safe hands. Cool as cucumbers - we’re here to keep the marketing engine running. With backgrounds in everything from creative strategy to PR to data, we got you.

Paul Davidescu.jpg

Paul Davidescu


Paul was born in sunny Mexico City and has grandparents from Romania, Bulgaria, Syria, and Turkey - one can say that he likes many different kinds of cuisines and cultures.

The rare moments he is not eating as the Chief Eating Officer, he works on recruiting new clients, staff, and partners into the Tangoo community. The big change he believes that Tangoo can make on the world is to "break barriers by breaking bread"; whether it be learning about another culture through food or using the dinner table as the perfect opportunity to spark new entrepreneurial ideas and deeper relationships within people and the community.

Favourite Food?

Mexican Duh!


Hana Decolongon

Customer Success Lead

Hana is our sassy Director of Aesthetics. She blurts out “aesthetically-pleasing” about 50 times a day as she dives full force into social media strategy and content creation. Apart from managing clients, she loves working on operational systems for the creative team. Prior to Tangoo, Hana first started working on restaurant accounts as a tech savvy front of house hostess. Hana is completing her 5th and final year of her undergrad in Psychology at UBC.

Favourite Food?

As a passionate foodie, it’s impossible to water it down to ONE dish... but I would never turn down fried chicken and rice.

Jason Yeh.jpg

Jason Yeh

Creative Director

Jason plays Monopoly and Snakes and Ladders as the Creative Director and points a small black box at food sometimes.  He is sort of a self-learning nut. After 7 years of studying Criminology, he made a complete career shift into Digital Marketing and Photography by learning through online resources. Through quick bursts of self-learning and volunteer work to build up his skills, he regularly shoots for Fortune 500 companies like McDonald's, Virgin Mobile; JP Morgan Chase; and Nestle. When he's not on set of a photoshoot or sitting in aesthetic cafes, you might catch him wandering the city to find the next new and novel photoshoot locations.

Favourite Food?

If it has noodles - it is my favourite. I am OK with eating noodles everyday for the rest of my life.

Santiago Orozco.jpg

Santiago Orozco

Operations and Partner Relations Lead

A graduate of BCIT’s Marketing Management and Entrepreneurship, Santiago dips his chips in many Tangoo sauces. These sauces include strategic direction, creating and implementing company-wide systems and processes, manning sales efforts and courting clients, and assisting in planning and executing on community events. Santiago has his hands in all things Tangoo. And yes, he double dips.

Favourite food?

I hate to be cliché here, but I’m a real sucker for a good old-fashioned slice of pepperoni pizza. That being said, I do come from a very rich food culture in Colombia, so I appreciate all types foods and will try anything once; even snails or grasshoppers.

Don’t knock it till you try it. AMIRITE?!


Chris Zakos

Creative Lead

Chris is a skilled UI designer and Product Manager with experience in multiple tech startups. His job is to keep Tangoo looking fresh and oversee the product development team. He is a Queen’s University alumni, where he received his BAH. He is educated in Graphic, Web, and Interaction Design; from both St. Lawrence College and Emily Carr U of D. He seeks to apply intelligent, user-focused design principles to any work put he puts forward.


Favourite Food?

Home-made Greek dishes or 24/7 Donuts and Coffee


Mallory Tapp

Senior Account Manager and Social Media Specialist

Mallory is the Resident Caption Queen. Combining her gluttonous love for food with her passion for digital communication trends, Mallory serves as a great point of contact for restaurant owners looking to take their social media accounts to the next level. To accomplish this, she uses her creative instincts, food photography skills, and informed strategic planning to organically boost growth rates and two-way engagement between restaurants & their fanbase. Mal completed her BComm at Simon Fraser University.

Favourite Food?

Pizza, all day everyday

Angela Huang.jpg

Angela Huang

Social Media Specialist

Angela is a social media shapeshifter dancing from account to account, adjusting to different roles, character and voices. When she is not on social media--wait she is always on social media looking at food, liking food, and snapping food.

Favourite type of food?

Desserts! Anything sweet really.

Nicola Kong.jpg

Nicola Kong

Account Manager

As a graduate from McGill University’s communications program and RED Academy’s Digital Marketing program, Nicola has dipped her hands in a variety of different fields in the world of Marketing and Communications. Currently, she’s focused on Account Management, Social Media, and PR for Tangoo. Growing up in Hong Kong, and living and travelling abroad for several years, her work experience and travels around the world not only contribute to her adaptability and go-getter-attitude, yet also has cultured her tongue to a variety of different palettes and cuisines.

Favourite type of food?

Depends where I am in the world! If I’m in Vancouver? A full-fledged sushi addict. 



Our Clients

We’ve worked with over 225 restaurant partners – below are our most current collaborations.

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Tangoo+Clients portfolio.jpg