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Intelligym is a cognitive training Software-as-a-Service company for high-performance youth athletes. The company was spending too much money acquiring customers via Facebook Advertising with low ROAS. They approached Tangoo for help in running their advertising campaigns with the goal of reducing their cost of customer acquisition while increasing their customer lifetime value.


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Tangoo integrated a highly structured plan focusing on targeting customers at every stage of the IntelliGym sales funnel.

Through detailed audience research and a focus on generating higher quality traffic to the website, we developed a plan that ensured the customer reaching the site was more informed, while also being more likely to purchase.

We set new campaign level goals and developed longer and more detailed copy in our ads to ensure the customer was reaching our landing pages with a high level of familiarity with the IntelliGym brand and their product.

We also ran ads targeting the user and the economic buyer (the teens and their parents) which allowed us to market on both ends and expedite purchases.



Tangoo revolutionized our Facebook Ads approach - they helped us 10x our Facebook Ad sales and reduce our cost of customer acquisition by 90%. They added significant value in helping us streamline our strategy, test out new audiences and creative, and different funnels to educate and re-target customers into a purchase

Stuart Karol - Marketing Manager at IntelliGym


IntelliGym is an Israeli based company that develops cognitive training programs for athletes globally. Initially developed for fighter pilots, they harnessed the same technology and applied it to youth athletes to improve their cognitive skills and overall awareness. This adaptive program has now been used across all levels from youth programs some of the biggest soccer clubs in the world. It has become a key tool for players to develop their all-around game and is lauded by coaches across the globe.


Before partnering with Tangoo, IntelliGym struggled to create a profitable framework for digital-based marketing programs.

Their cost of customer acquisition was too high, their product was too new for the market, and their ads weren’t resonating effectively with their target audience. People needed to be educated better on the program and benefits before making an informed decision to buy. They needed a new solution to get their product into people’s hands at a lower cost and needed to retain customers for a longer period of time.




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