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To stay ahead of the other seafood restaurants in Horseshoe Bay, Tangoo helped Olive & Anchor grow their online presence to reach locals and Vancouverites.



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The payment process in restaurants is a slow and frustrating one. We've all had to wave like a crazy person to flag a waiter down to grab our bill or sit at the table waiting for your turn to use the payment terminal. Ready transforms this experience through their fast, secure mobile payment technology. All it takes is a few taps and you're good to go. 

Transforming the restaurant payment experience isn't the only part they are trying to tackle. They look to transform the way people connect with restaurants as well. Part of their app is a restaurant discovery feature, where you'll be beamed up profiles of the city's hottest restaurants and bars based on your geo-location. On their profile, you'll get to peek their menu, photos of their food and ambiance, and reviews.  


One common criticism larger restaurant discovery apps get is on their photos. Majority of the time, the photos are low quality, blurry, or posted by individuals who lack any social clout. Ready wanted to make sure that the photos on their discovery feature only had the best photos and was from Vancouver's local foodies. Their challenge was finding a way to do this and at mass. 

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Gather content in an immersive way using influencers 

With more than 100 restaurants in their discovery system, Ready leaned on Tangoo to come up with a fun and immersive way to gather the images to populate their profiles.

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Our Influencer Community

Hiring a photographer to visit more than 100 restaurants wasn't a feasible option. Crowdsourcing was a quick and less costly, but maintaining a certain level of quality content is difficult.

Ready became intrigued with Tangoo's food influencer community after meeting several of them at their quarterly influencer meet up. They learned that many of the influencers regularly eat out at the restaurants in their discovery platform and is capable of taking great photos of food.  

It was a perfect match. 


Making It Fun

Tangoo designed a strategy that firstly carefully showed off their tasty menu. This instantly attracted top food bloggers from around Vancouver and provided a drastic increase in their followers and online buzz.

By leveraging the surrounding beauty of Horseshoe Bay and reminding people to visit them during Ferry downtimes and special game Canucks game nights, Tangoo found creative ways to help them make an immediate splash online and in their business bottom line.




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