Ready is a mobile payment platform that allows guests to order and pay for their meal straight from their mobile phone. Their mission is simple: remove any and every friction point that currently exists in the restaurant payment experience. Operating in the same industry as Tangoo, Ready reached out for help in getting in front of the notoriously difficult to penetrate the restaurant industry.


Created high-quality video content showcasing Ready launching at partner restaurants - Craft Beer Market in Toronto, Ceilis Richmond & Calgary

Engaged in several Social Media Influencer Marketing campaigns to get their Reach in the 100,000s while crowd-sourcing early adopter product feedback and  quality video and photo content for brand use 

  • Reached 89 different Vancouver restaurants

  • Created 359 varied and high quality images via influencer content

Gave Ready Thought Leadership status through two organized physical presentions in front of 100+ owners in Vancouver’s restaurant community


Ready’s main challenge was getting in front of Vancouver restaurants and convincing them to adopt their technology. Ready needed to develop targeted messaging and social proof that would allow its market to see the value and adopt its technology.



Tangoo knew that in order to achieve success, Ready had to get in front of its target market both directly and indirectly. Tangoo used its position in the Vancouver restaurant industry to facilitate Ready directly getting in front of its market via its signature marketing panels, “Tangoo Talks.” These panel events were designed to help and educate and empower restaurateurs to get ahead with digital marketing. Many experienced and aspiring restaurateurs were regular attendees and Ready was able to pitch their product, book sales meetings and obtain valuable feedback from those who attended. Beyond direct interactions, Tangoo also employed a digital strategy aimed at garnering mass-market attention via Social Media Marketing and Social Media Influencers. Through this, Tangoo helped Ready brand itself in the market and generate high-quality content at a very affordable rate.


With ambitions to reach a notoriously difficult industry, Ready knew that choosing the right marketing partner would be of utmost importance. Having identified Tangoo as Canada’s best Restaurant Marketing Agency, Ready app made the easy choice to engage Tangoo for help with their marketing initiatives.



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