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To boost their late night food sales, Tangoo helped Ceilis Richmond reach a younger audience through integrated digital channels, eventually catching the attention of Daily Hive and their 10 million monthly viewers.




Sales of $20,925 within a month through Social Media Only Promotions

200+ unique Followers on Instagram within the month

13 PR Hits including influencers, worth $32,350 in Earned Media



Ceili’s Modern Irish Pub started “pouring the pints” back in 1999 and the taps are still running! Their popularity spans between British Columbia and Alberta and are still considered to be a hidden gem for many of the high profile pub visitors under the age of 35.

Their Richmond location features a wide selection of beer, wine, whisky and spirits, as well as fresh and locally sourced comfort food with daily specials.


Ceilis’ success as a bar group has overshadowed people’s perception of their well priced and restaurant-quality menu. They needed a way to shine more light on their locally famous chicken wings from a millennial audience, especially, those who are not in the Richmond BC area. Lastly, their late-night food sales took a big dip for the summer so they needed people to ditch the beach early and come in for food and entertainment.



Social Media Only Promotions

Target and educate a younger audience/new customer segment on their late-night food program using their unique personality on social media. The objective was to execute this inexpensively by leveraging their online assets and digital media to share their message authentically and at scale.



Like most growing hospitality groups, Ceilis is very focused on restaurant operations and has not had ample time to invest time and resources into building a marketing department alongside investing in high-quality video gear and influencer partnerships.

By partnering with Tangoo, they were able to tell one entity their brand strategy and operational constraints to, in turn, see a consistent and integrated plan between multiple digital channels working together to make the whole greater than the sum of its parts.



The integration of Influencer Marketing, Video Marketing, Earned PR, and Social Media Marketing allowed Ceilis to take a holistic and high impact approach to their goals.

Through customer research and knowing what campaigns are usually picked up in major local publications like Daily Hive, Tangoo challenged Ceilis to have an All-You-Can-Eat Wings promotion that would run all month and only be marketed on Instagram. With the purchase of a beer, patrons could eat unlimited wings after 9PM for $15.

To kick off this exclusive promotion, Tangoo targeted local and wing-loving influencers who used their combined reach of 63,657 and exposed them to finger-licking images of the promotion. There was also a video filmed which was used on social media and repurposed as a targeted and paid Facebook advertisements to target with precision local wing lovers who frequented their competitors.

After one week, Daily Hive picked up on the promotion and wrote a piece to their 10 million monthly viewers and started a media snowball and most importantly, late night sales for Ceilis.


Ceilis secured sales of $20,925 in just one month of purely digital marketing efforts - this was not promoted to regulars or walk in traffic! But that’s not all, as the viral campaign led to multiple publications across Vancouver to hop onto the party bus, including Noms Magazine and Dished Vancouver (part of Daily Hive Vancouver).

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Services Used


Influencer Marketing

Social Media Marketing and Paid Ads

Video Marketing

Frequency Marketing



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