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We like to call it "Cheers for Queers!" Located on Davie Street, the pink heart of Vancouver, this friendly little pub is legendary in the Vancouver gay community. Their charitable donations for an individual restaurant establishment rank amongst the highest in North America. Fountainhead wants their work to inspire other restaurants to do more. Their space is so much more than a bar – it’s a community. This pub has a voice, and it’s not afraid to use it. But online, barely anyone has a clue how big of a community creator they are.

The Challenge

All along Davie Street, competition is tight. Neighbours serve Caesars with burgers and onion rings on top. There are dance floors and movie screenings. Social media has started becoming a bigger influence on attracting people to the area. While the Fountainhead Pub had loyal customers, it was lacking a digital presence to attract potential new ones. Furthermore, its charity support was not being reflected online – it was done in person, partly from the humility of the owners. However, showing others what they do can also help promote their agenda – inspiring other businesses to do more.

Why They Chose Tangoo

The management team wanted to work with people that understood and appreciated their community impact; Tangoo’s staff frequented various of its community events and weekend nights on various previous occasions. They also wanted to have an interactive, engaging online strategy that felt in line with their playful personality offline. As a community-driven company, Tangoo also loved using social media to inspire people to do good for the world. 

The Solution

Tangoo decided to make the atmosphere, staff, and restaurant patrons the stars in the show – emphasizing the community element that has been such an important to the pub’s success. While the food is great, people mostly come for the atmosphere, good-vibes, and a friendly staff. With that as a base, Tangoo made a persona that reflected the same traits so that when a customer comes across their Instagram profile, it screams out through a Snapchat rainbow barf; “You’ll have a good time here!”


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