Tangoo was successful in re-vamping our digital presence and managing 1-1 conversations with customers at scale. In addition, they generated a large number of delivery orders using their creative video expertise and analytical ads teams to launch our campaign. Their team is well organized and is the go-to for restaurant marketing in Canada.
— Naz, Marketing Manager of Uncle Fatih's Pizza

Uncle Fatih’s Pizza was in search of a way to monetize its digital marketing efforts as it opened up new locations.




$3105 generated with $500 in advertising spend

$3.70 cost per order

621% return on ad spend



Tangoo ran a two-week video ad campaign to increase online orders. Our strategy was two-fold:

  1. To develop a high-quality video that attracts potential customers and differentiates Uncle Fatih’s brand and baking process.  

  2. To target new potential customers who will purchase

Data Strategy Used:

    1. Analyzed past customer data

    2. Leveraged current website data from recent visitors

    3. Utilized data from people who engaged with Uncle Fatih’s via social media.



Uncle Fatih’s Pizza was established in 2004 and is a local legend in Vancouver. With eight locations in the Lower Mainland and a ninth one opening soon, Uncle Fatih’s is rapidly expanding and is considered by many as the best by-the-slice pizza place in Vancouver. Healthy, freshly made dough combined with rustic and traditional ingredients makes for a satisfying choice for Vancouver pizza connoisseurs. Not to mention, Uncle Fatih himself is somewhat of a celebrity icon amongst Vancouverites.



While Uncle Fatih’s is well established and known in the Vancouver market, they were exploring ways to obtain a quantifiable return for their marketing spend. Their challenge was to generate online sales via their social media channels without heavily discounting their offer and compromising the brand.



Tangoo created a high quality video that showcases Uncle Fatih’s as an approachable, young, and attractive brand. We wanted to showcase quality ingredients, the process, and the end product in a way that was mouthwatering for viewers

Tangoo paired its video with Facebook and Instagram advertisements to capture the attention of today’s ad fatigued buyers

Tangoo focused its targeting & retargeting as follows

  1. People who had visited the website in the last 7, 14 and 30 days

  2. People who had engaged with Uncle Fatih’s Social Media channels

  3. People in the Vancouver Downtown core


Re-targeting Strategy:

  • Observe data on how engaged audiences were with the first ad i.e. how much of the video did they watch? 5 seconds? 10? 15?

  • Based on the engagement with the first, audiences were then re-targeted with another ad to drive them further down the funnel and order delivery.


While already enjoying a refreshed, attractive, and engaging online presence courtesy of Tangoo, Uncle Fatih’s was confident that through us they could obtain quantifiable (dollar driven) results.. Having been their Digital Agency of choice, Uncle Fatih’s trusted Tangoo to carry out this task to help them generate sales via their online channels.




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