To make a splash with a new Middle Eastern cuisine concept, Tangoo helped Balila Hummus launch with a PR strategy that got them on all of Vancouver's major media outlets and in front of 600,000 daily readers.




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A Lebanese brother duo adapts their culture’s cuisine for the North American palate. They found their formula for balancing health and taste by combining chickpeas with a wide range of healthy superfoods, proteins, and carbs, in the Mediterranean style of cooking. This resulted in 9 different hummus dips with delectable flavours, delicious wraps, nourishing soups, and refreshing salads - all packed with the nutritious, tasty flavour of hummus!

They opened their first location, Balila Taste Kitchen, in February 2018.


The Sukkarie brothers come with over 20 years of experience in the restaurant industry, from international franchises to consultancy and corporate strategy for multinationals. Despite having extensive corporate and operational knowledge, they experienced a gap in social media marketing and lacked a network of media personnel in Vancouver.

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Leverage Media Exposure

To make your mark in a city buzzing with rich food culture, you’ve got to stand out. In order to become a “must-try” spot in downtown Vancouver we set out to fit the needs of health conscious consumers and help Balila make a splash.

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Industry Connections

Every restaurateur wants media coverage, but where do you begin? Balila had the expertise to create a successful food brand, but needed help to create an actionable digital media strategy and be introduced to key industry connections. Captivating the attention of media and journalists can exponentially increase a business’s exposure online. Tangoo’s strong network of media publications, bloggers, and influencers was an asset and driving force in the grand opening of Balila in Vancouver.


Record Breaking News & Branding Focused Strategy

We knew that we had to think outside the box if we wanted to get the attention of Vancouverites and the media.

In order to be a topic of interest for publications, you need to position your business in a way that is uniquely marketable and enticing for THEIR readers. We decided to stand out by creating Canada's largest hummus dish for their grand opening. This 27 feet long plate of hummus was given out to the public to have a taste of Balila's hummus flavours.


A PR Success

By positioning Balila's entrance to the Vancouver market with Canada's largest hummus plate, we helped Balila get coverage in Vancouver's top publications such as the DailyHive Vancouver (twice), Georgia Straight, CBC News, Vancouver is Awesome, and Vancouver Courier. 

This coverage placed Balila infront of a combined 600,000 daily readers from the publications. 


Flexing Our Digital Marketing Muscles

After the launch, we focused on continuing the momentum Balila gained by transitioning into Influencer Marketing and Paid Social Ads. 

We hosted a private tasting for some of the city's food influencers. Not only were they were educated on the historical significance of hummus and the Balila mission, they were introduced to how Balila's hummus is different from the rest. The Instagram posts from the influencers reached over 15,000 people. 

Before and during the grand opening, our Creative Team captured video content to be used for Social Media Ads. With that footage, an upbeat Facebook Video Ad was created. With just $50 ad budget, the Video Ad resulted in over 100 unique clicks to the Balila Website.  


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