To drive their sales, loyalty and customer retention, Tangoo helped Great Wings implement a WiFi marketing system.



9,313 emails collected

13,097 visits generated

~$301K generated in sales

2288% ROI on marketing spend



Wings houses Vancouver's largest selection of chicken wings. Over the years, it has worked towards evolving beyond just a local wing joint. With 11 locations and growing, they have captured the hearts of Vancouverites by constantly innovating flavors using unique spices and ingredients. Where did it all begin? It began with the vision of serving affordable award-winning food, as well as bringing friends and families together.


Many restaurants find it difficult to quantify results as real sales dollars and marketing ROI. Wings, a brand that has an active and well-run marketing department is no different. They approached Tangoo looking for solutions to effectively drive sales, obtain customer data, and get their message across to their consumers.



WiFi Marketing Promotions

Wings’ goals are simple: Drive sales, drive loyalty, drive retention of customers.



Wings recognized Tangoo's specialty in transcending one-to-one customer interactions in the offline world to scaleable digital interactions that bring people back again. They understood the importance of building a dining experience outside of their restaurant and Tangoo was key in bridging that gap. Like many restaurants, Wings was occupied with their operational activities across all 11 locations. Thus, they were unable to conduct research on the right tools, identifying their customers online and using creative outlets to convert them. They needed an agency that has experience delivering concrete results and opening doors to new markets using creative campaigns.



To drive sales, loyalty, and customer retention, Tangoo implemented a Wifi Marketing system to collect customer emails, send behavior-based and blanket campaigns, and covert sales. The Wifi Marketing system enabled Wings to observe campaigns that drive new and return visitors, reward loyal customers, advertise coupons and more. Wifi Marketing system allows 1:1 conversations between the restaurant and the customers. It creates a personal touchpoint, tailored to each customer.


Over the course of 6 months Tangoo implemented the WiFi marketing system across all 11 Wings locations. Wings was able to collect 9313 emails. They were able to re-target those customers and managed to generate foot traffic of 13,097. This led to eventually securing sales of approximately $301,000. Tangoo was able to deliver an ROI of 2288% on Wings marketing spend.


Services Used


WiFi Marketing

  1. Build marketing list

    • Collect customer data in the form of emails, phone numbers, social profiles

  2. Collect customer and campaign analytics

    • Demographic data such as age and gender

    • Campaign results on number of visits generated, open rates, coupon redemption rates

  3. Send targeted email blasts or behavioral campaigns

    • Newsletter blasts

    • First-time sign-ins (welcome emails)

    • Loyalty campaigns

    • Birthday campaigns

    • At-risk campaigns

    • Event promotion

    • Promotion distribution



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